Traditional Canapes, T&S

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6 Onion cake, smoked duck breast with bitter orange – 6 Tomato financier cake, cream of goat cheese, marinated tomato and chives – 6 Rye bread, chicken rillettes with mustard, white bread, paprika – 6 Blinis, horseradish and lemon cream, marinated anchovy, pink peppercorn, dill – 6 Nordic rye bread, soft crab cake, avocado mousse, lemon zest – 6 Biscuit with nuts, cream of Roquefort, block of Roquefort – 6 Caramel biscuit, cream mix with foie gras, fig jelly – 6 Pepper cake, shellfish-flavoured cream, marinated crayfish – 6 Blinis, lemon cream, smoked salmon, spice mix.

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54 x 10g

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