Bridor has launched a collection of exceptional viennoiseries in partnership with pastry chef Pierre Hermé. Implemented in more than 100 countries and world leader in the bakery viennoiserie sector, Bridor carries with pride the french baking  know-how all around the world. Pierre Hermé has more than 50 shops, spread across 12 countries, and offers modern recipes that bear in every step of their creation the seal of luxury.

Driven by their shared values and a deep respect for know-how, Bridor and Pierre Hermé Paris have concocted a collection of Viennese pastries that is unique in terms of both flavours and the finesse of the ingredients.

Pierre Hermé applied the same high standards as for his own creations, with demanding and precise specifications. He has created five recipes, using the sophistication for which is he known to combine taste, texture and flavour.

Each ingredient has been rigorously selected, with particular attention to the origin of the ingredients in this range: French wheat, Breton Butter, Madagascar Pure Origin Chocolate, Californian Almonds, Sicilian lemon juice, Ceylon Cinnamon, etc.