We supply all hoteliers and catering professionals with superior quality frozen products.

The diversity of our products enables restaurateurs to vary their menus over the year. With LBP take advantage of an advantageous turnkey catering offer.

Using our frozen products provide your customers with a premium offer for room service and for table service restaurants. For room service our range of desserts, puddings, cakes, and pastries meets the needs of your customers perfectly.

Diverse Range of Products

For table service restaurants, you can rely on our range of cooked vegetables to garnish your plates and accompany either meat or fish.

Reduce Food Wastage

With an estimated £2.5 billion per year food waste within the hospitality industry our products will help your business to reduce wastage. Only defrost the quantities required.

Last Minute Orders

With a next day delivery service for all orders placed before 5.00pm with no minimum order last minute bookings will never catch you out.

Quick Turnaround

Whether your pastry chef has called in sick or a last-minute reception has been booked LBP Bakeries are here for your needs.

Please complete our become a customer form and a member of our sales team will be in contact shortly.


Mini Viennoiserie to savoury canapes our product development team have compiled a range of products to suit all budgets and occasions.

Understanding the demands placed onto busy kitchens our products have been created to delight your guests with minimal effort.


Customisable or ready to use? On a plate or to take away.

Whatever you are looking for, whatever your constraints the LBP desserts range will offer ease of use without compromising on quality. With a large selection stocked all year round freshening up your seasonal menu can be done with ease.

From indulgent Chocolate fondant to comfort during a cold winters evening to a fresh zingy lemon Meringue pie to cool during a hot summer evening our range of desserts will have your menu covered.


Are you looking for a simple but perfectly balanced accompaniment, an item that will enhance your main course?

Our range of accompaniments have been tested and approved by thousands of gourmet palates throughout the years.

Again, this range has been selected by our team for both taste and ease of use. Products can be baked in the oven or are microwaveable direct from frozen.