LBP Bakeries have teamed up with Bio de Trog to deliver you their delicious artisanal bread

Organic ingredients, a traditional artisan method, long rest and rising times, an enthusiastic team of skilled bakers, a modern bakery, and above all, a lot of passion and love for the profession.

Organic raw materials

We see it as our duty to select only the best, organic raw materials and to process them in their most original and honest form into delicious bread.

The time factor

Our only improver… is time. In our workshops we invariably respect the much-needed rest and rising times of the dough and the accompanying natural fermentation process.

Homemade natural sourdough

We have been working with our own homemade natural leaven for 40 years, which runs like a red thread through our production process.

The craft

The many handicrafts are decisive for our product, because of this we offer quality, originality, exclusivity, authenticity, social commitment and above all products made with passion by inspired people.